Enterprise Customers Deploy OSIsoft's Managed PI

Aug. 22, 2007
OSIsoft has announced that more than 12 customers across the process manufacturing and utility industries have signed Enterprise Agreements (EA).

OSIsoft has announced that more than 12 customers across the process manufacturing and utility industries have signed Enterprise Agreements (EA). With these agreements, customers can more easily standardize their implementation of the PI System across their entire enterprise and can leverage OSIsoft's deep understanding of the PI System to create, use and deploy best practices across their entire enterprise. As part of this, EA customer sites are deployed and monitored with Managed PI, ensuring customers gain the most value from their real-time infrastructure to improve operations performance and enterprise-wide visibility on a consistent, trusted platform.

"Detroit Edison has relied on the OSIsoft PI System as our primary source of process data for more than eight years," said Mark Blaszkiewicz, manager - business applications, Detroit Edison. "We recognize the power of having real-time data available across the enterprise in a way that ensures consistent, efficient delivery of data that facilitates strategic decision making."

In addition to Detroit Edison, several other companies have also realized the benefits of having enterprise-wide visibility and have deployed Managed PI including Bayer MaterialScience, Microsoft Corp., Rock-Tenn LLC and Tesoro Companies, Inc.

With Managed PI deployed across the enterprise, customers can identify problems quickly and accurately. Managed PI monitors and collects data on the PI System interfaces, as well as each of the sub-systems responsible for analyzing, contextualizing and visualizing PI information, which is critical to enterprises. This allows systems to be maintained remotely while still ensuring mission-critical, high availability and optimum performance with the highest level of security. End users can also be notified of issues using various methods so they are kept up to date as events occur that may impact their operations.

"It's no coincidence that data historians have reemerged as a critical foundational element of emerging manufacturing SOAs," said Alison Smith, in the October 2006 AMR research article 'SOA on Steroids: The Reality of Manufacturing Composite Applications.' "This new generation of data historians do much more than aggregate, compress, archive, and trend real-time data. Today they are huge (and sometimes distributed) state detection machines, designed for complex definition and real-time evaluation of complex events."

With the PI System, OSIsoft provides companies with full visibility into their real-time data, enabling the entire global operations business to become more effective. With Enterprise Agreements, OSIsoft remains committed to providing expanded customer support offerings on a global scale and have also recently opened offices in Brazil and Calgary.

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