Next Generation of Airborne Acquired Geospatial Data Launched

Sept. 13, 2006
Infoterra Ltd and BlueSky Ltd have launched GeoPerspectives, the new suite of airborne-acquired geospatial data.

Infoterra Ltd. and BlueSky Ltd. in the UK have launched GeoPerspectives, the new suite of airborne-acquired geospatial data. Building on the nationwide aerial survey previously marketed as UK Perspectives, GeoPerspectives has now redefined the standards for quality, type and coverage of aerial-based geographic information.

GeoPerspectives is delivering the next generation of data for England and Wales, using the latest digital imaging technology. This enables the simultaneous capture of RGB and color infrared imagery and, via automated processing, the rapid creation of digital terrain and surface models.

"Since announcing the partnership between BlueSky and Infoterra last year, we have been focussed on capturing, processing and delivering GeoPerspectives data to the market. We have already updated over 30% of the original baseline survey, which puts us well ahead of our five-year update schedule," said Dave Fox, CEO of Infoterra Ltd. "We have also refined our product offering to make sure that GeoPerspectives delivers exactly what the market wants."

GeoPerspectives offers a range of image resolutions to meet diverse user requirements; from National Perspectives datasets at 25 cm resolution to ultra high-resolution Urban Perspectives, detailed enough to view road markings and street furniture. Furthermore, the national coverage is the only orthorectified aerial photography collection with a guaranteed five-year update program.

GeoPerspectives data is already in use within government, commerce and academia, including the Department for the Environment Farming and Rural Affairs (Defra), Highways Agency, Yorkshire Water and over 240 Local Authorities.

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