OSI Introduces Configurable Logic Control Function for Remote Terminal Unit

Dec. 22, 2008
Open Systems International, Inc. has released powerful Configurable Logic Control capabilities for its OSIRIS Remote Telemetry Unit

Open Systems International, Inc. has released powerful configurable logic control capabilities for its OSIRIS Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU). OSI’s Linux-based Secure RTU, the OSIRIS (OSI Remote Information System) now provides full IEC61131-compliant programmable logic functionality.

The new Automation Control Platform (ACP) option is designed to process data and events from/to any connected device. When combined with current protocol conversion/data concentrator functions, exceptional communications capabilities and direct-wired analog, status and control I/O points, OSIRIS provides unprecedented control and monitoring functionality and value in a compact, hardened remote unit.

Highlighting the ACP is an intuitive application development environment. Sophisticated logic can be programmed to interact with any of the points on the unit and perform all desired calculations, from simple control logic to sophisticated algorithms.

The ACP for OSIRIS provides tools to support five Logic language forms; Ladder Diagram, Function Block Diagram, Sequential Function Chart, Structured Text and Instruction List plus Flow Chart. Programming and configuration tools were developed for ease of use and application flexibility.

Included in the ACP are powerful editing and debugging tools. Validation of entire programs can be completed offline during development. Once deployed, applications can be monitored in real-time. Through the development interface application program, execution can be traced and the state of the program variables can be inspected.

The OSIRIS ACP provides many advantages:

  • Cost-effective, reliable local control of complex systems
  • Flexibility and standardization for broad application
  • Sophisticated computational and reporting capabilities
  • Troubleshooting aids make programming easier and reduces downtime
  • Operates on a reliable, hardened Linux-based platform for long-term reliable operation

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