Cybectec Enterprise Solutions Offer Secure Substation IED Access

Jan. 24, 2008
Cooper Power Systems has introduced the new Enterprise Passthrough Manager, a module of Cybectec Enterprise Solutions.

Cooper Power Systems has introduced the Enterprise Passthrough Manager, a module of Cybectec Enterprise Solutions. Enterprise Passthrough Manager provides an enterprise-level secure single point of access to IEDs for maintenance and engineering.

Enterprise Passthrough Manager includes a client, installed on users’ workstations, and a server, installed in a central location, which manage connections between remote IEDs and users on the corporate network. With Enterprise Passthrough Manager, users can access IEDs via native vendor tools, with comprehensive access control.

Cybectec Enterprise Solutions manages all IEDs and communication gateways from one convenient location where device passwords, configuration, history and user access logs are kept.

“With Enterprise Passthrough Manager, authorized users connect to substation devices as if they were in the substation,” explains Jonathan Piel, Cooper Power Systems’ global product director of substation automation. “Even better, the system keeps a trace of all communications exchanges with the substation devices, so it’s like having a supervisor looking over every user’s shoulder.”

Enterprise Passthrough Manager’s security features permit choosing access rights in groups or down to the single device. Harmful commands can also be filtered out to protect IEDs against mistakenly sent commands or internal sabotage attempts.

“Being able to hide IED and gateway passwords from users effectively prevents users from logging on the devices from outside the Cybectec Enterprise Solutions system,” states Pierre-Luc Simard, Technology Architect for the Cybectec product line. “With Cybectec Enterprise Solutions, we are going beyond NERC CIP. We are offering added value to utilities for their investment in a centralized, secure system.”

Cybectec Enterprise Solutions includes automated event retrieval with Enterprise Event Manager and centralized NERC CIP-compliant security with Cybectec Security Server. Utilities that use Cybectec Enterprise Solutions improve the reliability of their network, reduce their downtime and protect their network against cyber-attackers.

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