Teradata Partners with Itron

Feb. 25, 2010
Teradata Corp. has announced its partnership with Itron Inc.

Teradata Corp. has announced its partnership with Itron Inc. Itron and Teradata are pooling their tools to create Active SmartGrid Analytics, a single software analytics platform. The components of Active SmartGrid Analytics are the Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse and Utility Logical Data Model and Itron Enterprise Edition Meter Data Management. This new platform allows energy companies to access integrated customer, financial and operational information, and perform advanced analytics on this data without impacting operational activities.

Using Active SmartGrid Analytics, utilities can load a wide-range of information in near-real time into their enterprise data warehouse, from power generation through consumption by the consumer for any and all systems related to their smart grid program. That information can then be combined with historical and real-time operations, financial, and customer information to identify and leverage relationships among the data. This analysis can show how customers use energy, and can lead to recommendations for more efficient energy use. The analysis can also show utility companies how to best use their energy generation and grid assets to meet consumption demand.

"Interval data and on-demand reads made accessible through smart metering provide utilities and retail energy providers with the means to manage carbon, reduce capital investment requirements and deliver new products to customers," said Practice Director of Business Technology at IDC Energy Insights, Jill Feblowitz.

The Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse platform is purpose-built to run on the Teradata Database with high efficiency and the ability to provide near real-time information about the business. The Teradata Utility Logical Data Model organizes data to make it accessible, enables reuse of data in other applications, highlights data integrity problems, provides comprehensive documentation of data, and results in time and cost savings.

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