Santee Cooper Rolls Out Energy Efficiency/DSM Program

June 8, 2011
energyOrbit has announced the successful implementation and roll-out of energyOrbit at Santee Cooper, one of the country’s largest public utilities.

energyOrbit has announced the successful implementation and roll out of energyOrbit at Santee Cooper, one of the country’s largest public utilities.

One of the leading utilities in the nation to promote and implement energy efficiency projects in its service territory, Santee Cooper uses energyOrbit to run its energy efficiency programs. With energyOrbit in place, Santee Cooper is poised to maximize energy savings and potentially offset the need for building more power generation capacity.

Santee Cooper’s traditional method for managing its energy efficiency programs was the use of a variety of paper forms, spreadsheets and multiple databases to track various costs savings. The installation and deployment of energyOrbit was timely for Santee’s Cooper’s new residential and commercial energy efficiency 2010 and 2011 program rollouts. energyOrbit enables Santee Cooper to quickly adapt to business and regulatory changes. Managers and staff members have complete visibility into the performance of their programs and are able to proactively implement adjustments as dictated by market acceptance levels and other key performance indicators.

With energyOrbit Santee Cooper is now able to:

  • Support rapid setup, deployment and modification of programs and conservation measures by business users
  • Streamline and automate project business processes and communications for the full project lifecycle – from initial outreach through payment and verification
  • Extend current workflows and the configuration of validation rules for tracking complex processes
  • Calculate savings and incentives for a wide variety of prescriptive and custom measures
  • Enable users to quickly and easily generate high-impact reports and dashboards
  • Provide secure, customized on-line access for different user roles, profiles, and hierarchies
  • Collaborate with third-party program implementers

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