File Infectors Replace Mass E-mailed Viruses as Biggest Threats in BitDefender's Top 10 Malware Chart

June 13, 2007
BitDefender announced its top 10 malware threats of May 2007

BitDefender has announced its top 10 malware threats of May 2007. BitDefender Labs found that file infectors replaced the mass e-mailed viruses that were a concern in the first quarter. Only the Netsky.P virus (with a mere 3.82% of machines reporting it) remained in this category of malware in this month's list.

BitDefender's May malware chart lists some surprises - including the emergence of Puce.G, a new P2P worm that spreads itself and infects files through popular file-sharing software. Puce.G currently stands in first place on the BitDefender chart with 10.31% of total reports. Version B of this worm topped the BitDefender Labs malware chart for October 2006.

Another troubling new entry, at number five in BitDefender's list of top malware, is the Jeefo.A file infector, an unusual virus that is written in MinGW and makes use of encrypting technologies. This virus is harmful, as some of the files it infects become damaged beyond repair. Further information on this particular virus and how to protect oneself from it can be found on BitDefender's Defense Portal site at:

BitDefender's May 2007 Top 10 malware list includes:

  1. win32.worm.p2p.puce.g 10.31%
  2. win32.worm.rjump.b 7.80%
  3. 5.76%
  4. win32.worm.vb.ymeak.a 4.10%
  5. win32.jeefo.a 4.04%
  6. win32.fidcop.gen 3.85%
  7. win32.netsky.p@mm 3.82%
  8. worm.vbs.solow.a 3.45%
  9. win32.wukill.e@mm 2.91%
  10. win32.worm.vb.dw 2.14%

(Note: BitDefender's May 2007 Top 10 list of malware accounts for 48.18 % of the total number of all viruses seen in circulation.)

"With the virtual disappearance of mass-mailers form the top infectors, the trend toward consolidation seems to have reduced somewhat," commented Viorel Canja, head of BitDefender Labs. "Despite this reduction, BitDefender is committed to tracking and consistently staying ahead of these malware trends to offer our customers and partners the most trusted brand of security solutions available."

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