Powel Announces Meter Data Analytics Product Line

March 11, 2009
Powel, Inc has announced a new product line, Powel Meter Data Analytics.

Powel, Inc. has announced a new product line, Powel Meter Data Analytics. Powel Meter Data Analytics (MDA) helps utilities improve customer service, reduce operating costs, and meet energy conservation goals.

The offering includes Powel’s Orbital MDM (Meter Data Management) and a series of pre-built web portals that combine Automated Meter Reading, CIS and GIS data in a simple to use web portal for utility customers, customer service representatives, engineers and executives to enable faster, smarter decision making.

To improve customer service, Powel MDA gives consumers the ability to view and analyze their billing history online. The “Pay, Analyze & Save” customer portal shows energy use on a daily basis and correlates it to 10 energy consumption factors. This makes it easier to understand how consumption drives energy cost. Consumers can also define target energy use thresholds, and the system will generate proactive notification when thresholds are exceeded, so consumers can take control of their energy use.

Costs are reduced in several ways. The “Pay, Analyze & Save” customer portal reduces costs because bills are presented online. Customers can opt out of receiving a paper bill altogether, saving the utility money on printing and postage. This savings alone can deliver an ROI within three months.

Inside the utility, Powel MDA offers additional cost savings. The CSR portal reduces staff time required to manage high bill calls. The engineering and executive dashboard portals provide reporting, power quality improvement, line loss reduction and power factor improvement.

Finally, Powel MDA helps utilities meet conservation related goals and requirements. Through just the increased monitoring of consumption, conservation of around 6% can be expected. Powel MDA adds consumer education and utility-specific program promotion to bring that number even higher. The system also tracks conservation, so that utilities can measure and report on their achievements.

Powel MDA is delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. This means that the software is hosted and accessed over the internet. There is no hardware or software to purchase and maintain. Implementations can be completed in weeks, not months.

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