Demand Response Management System Supports Grid Stability and Operations

Sept. 26, 2012
GE’s new PowerOn Precision demand optimization technology helps ensure a more energy-efficient, reliable grid with economic benefits to both energy providers and consumers.

PowerOn Precision from GE is a demand response management system that allows utilities to manage peak demand and/or provide support for grid stability and operations. The new technology is a comprehensive solution that uses GE software and continuous-learning algorithms to deliver dynamic pricing incentives and direct load control capabilities to consumers. Designed with open standards and a modular architecture that increases the functionality, flexibility and ease of integrating future technologies into the system, this solution delivers real-life benefits of greater power reliability, a cleaner energy mix and consumer empowerment. Utilities can reduce operational costs while consumers can lower their electric bills as the smart grid becomes more efficient.

By empowering consumers, PowerOn Precision helps contribute to economic development and a greener use of energy. Residential, commercial and industrial consumers will be able to participate in rate programs to adjust their energy usage and make other consumption-changing moves. In many cases, they can qualify for energy discounts and bonuses that lower their electric bills without affecting their way of life. The result is a better balance of power demand with available power supply to meet peak-time loads. GE’s smarter solution optimizes the load while minimizing the impact on participating customers.

PowerOn Precision enables several forms of communication—from home energy portals and smart appliances to building management systems, electric vehicle charging stations and other energy management systems. The solution will help lower the peaks of energy demand that occur throughout each day and during energy-intensive events, such as heat waves, adjusting the most practical loads at the right time and locations.

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