Meter Data Management Product Enhanced to Support Revenue Protection

April 3, 2006
Lodestar has announce that LODESTAR Meter Data Management includes integrated revenue protection functionality

LODESTAR Corporation has announce that LODESTAR Meter Data Management (MDM) includes integrated revenue protection functionality. This functionality enables energy providers to rapidly identify potential revenue losses to maximize revenue through comprehensive analysis of energy usage patterns. LODESTAR's MDM alerts energy providers about premises with energy usage patterns that are outside of defined tolerances, and ultimately enables companies to easily address energy theft and inaccurate data.

Revenue losses are a major concern for all energy providers. A recent Utilipoint article cites that 3% to 7% of energy delivered is not billed(1). Energy theft is also an escalating challenge as it rises with the cost of energy. These issues equate to millions of lost dollars that must be absorbed by utilities, energy retailers, their customers and shareholders. The revenue protection functionality in Meter Data Management identifies, prioritizes, and tracks these revenue protection opportunities. Standard rules to identify potentially slow meters, stopped or reversed meters, and theft are included in the MDM product. The application also includes functionality to examine usage trends and anomalies--identifying meters that are set up improperly or have been tampered with.

The program is designed as the single enterprise database of record for both meter data and revenue protection events. Among other benefits, this product enables: 1) real-time access to revenue protection events and analysis tools, 2) accelerated cash flows through faster and more accurate bill generation, 3) increased revenue due to revenue protection checks, and 4) reduced service order costs by prioritizing revenue protection leads for field personnel.

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