SAP Korea, OSIsoft Cooperate to Deliver Smart Grid Offering for Smart Grid Test-Bed Project in Korea

Sept. 9, 2010
OSIsoft, LLC has announced its collaboration with SAP Korea on the KT Jeju smart grid test-bed project.

OSIsoft, LLC has announced its collaboration with SAP Korea on the KT Jeju smart grid test-bed project. The goal of the Jeju smart grid project is to help companies operate more efficiently with flexibility and adaptability through the establishment of a smart grid in Korea. OSIsoft and SAP will provide solutions to KT for the duration of the Jeju smart grid test-bed project, including OSIsoft Meter Data Unification and Synchronization (MDUS) offerings and SAP for Utilities solutions. The companies involved in the Jeju smart grid demonstration project will verify the functionality and performance of smart grid solutions from OSIsoft and SAP.

Through this Korean government initiative, Korean businesses are being encouraged to establish sustainable “green” growth of their core businesses through adoption of a smart grid. US$$191 million is to be invested in the Jeju smart grid demonstration project through joint investments from the government and private businesses, with a smart grid infrastructure to be recommended by May 2011. The project will then progress through a two-year period that includes infrastructure construction and an integrated operational phase. The ultimate goal of the project is to develop the Korean smart grid model, while testing and evaluating related technologies under real-life conditions.

SAP is establishing a connection to digital meters using the OSIsoft MDUS offering, an SAP-endorsed business solution. Through the connection, the compatibility, functionality and process availability of SAP solutions and OSIsoft MDUS products will be verified.

OSIsoft MDUS integrates advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) head-end systems with SAP for Utilities solutions. Used in combination with SAP AMI Integration for Utilities software, OSIsoft MDUS makes it feasible for customers to obtain real-time meter data from the smart grid. This allows customers to benefit from capabilities on the smart grid, such as optimized meter to cash, extended customer service, time of use billing and demand-side management.

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