Routing Solution Incorporates New Smart Meters into Existing Infrastructure

April 23, 2008
SmartSynch has introduced a routing solution called the SmartSynch SmartRouting Solution (SRS) for its SmartMeter System.

SmartSynch has introduced a routing solution called the SmartSynch SmartRouting Solution (SRS), for its SmartMeter System. It seamlessly and cost-effectively enables smart meters from different meter manufacturers – like Elster, GE and Itron – to interoperate across the same or different networks – like GPRS, CDMA or Wi-Fi.

“Until now, utilities incorporating smart meters from different meter manufacturers into their AMI architecture needed to spend time installing separate compatibility software applications and training employees to use them to ensure the smart meters operate efficiently and cost-effectively,” said Patti Harper-Slaboszewicz, director, AMR demand response for UtiliPoint International Inc. “Technology that helps resolve these issues gives utilities the resources they need to operate as efficiently as possible.”

SmartSynch’s SmartRouting Solution resolves training, support and maintenance issues by eliminating the need for utilities to purchase and manage compatibility software applications, while still providing the network and performance optimization that previously only existed as part of these separate compatibility software applications. The solution seamlessly integrates and operates on utilities’ existing AMI infrastructure by transparently routing network messages that are cost- and performance-optimized for the specific network used. Consequently, utilities can use their existing software to collect data from the latest smart meters over a variety of IP-enabled public wireless networks without the need to install, train on or maintain a new data collection application.

Using SmartSynch's SmartPipe technology, SmartSynch’s SmartRouting Solution creates a secure wireless channel that captures compressed meter data from multiple C12.21 head-end software systems – like Itron’s MV-90 and Elster’s MAS. It enables utilities to wirelessly communicate with and reprogram multiple types of smart meters, transparently support static and dynamic IP-addresses, and provide real-time alarms – including immediate power outage notification. As a result, utilities save time and money while enjoying quicker, easier and more scalable deployments at a significantly greater return on resources.

“Until now, many utilities resisted taking full advantage of the latest smart metering technology because it wasn’t compatible with the existing data collection systems that they invested significant time and money in,” said Stephen D. Johnston, SmartSynch’s chief executive officer. “The SmartSynch SmartRouting Solution gives utilities the freedom and flexibility to adopt the best and newest smart metering technology as part of their existing AMI business infrastructure, while avoiding additional support, training and ongoing maintenance costs.”

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