Oracle Upgrades SQL Developer

Jan. 10, 2007
Oracle has announced the general availability of Oracle SQL Developer Release 1.1.

Oracle has announced the general availability of Oracle SQL Developer Release 1.1. Guided by customer feedback, this upgrade to Oracle's free database development tool includes enhancements that help simplify development cycles and improve productivity of creating and debugging SQL and PL/SQL code.

Following the initial release of Oracle SQL Developer in March 2006, this latest version offers an array of new features including a redesigned, extensible object browser with new filtering capabilities, updates to the SQL Worksheet including expanded SQL*Plus compatibility, and improved Data Grid features. Database developers can take advantage of new capabilities to import and export data from a variety of formats including spreadsheets. Oracle SQL Developer Release 1.1 also enables developers to build master and detail reports, include charts, manage snippets, and set extra user preferences for customizing their environment. In addition, the tool now allows users to browse a selection of third-party databases. Built on the Oracle JDeveloper IDE, Oracle SQL Developer enables developers to easily and efficiently build their own extensions to the product.

Oracle also announced a new resource for developers, the SQL Developer Exchange site. The Exchange provides the Oracle SQL Developer community, a site where participants can request feature enhancements, rate feature requests, and share code supplied by the community -- from small snippets to more complex reports. The site also features links to development team blogs and product news and updates -- serving as the entry point to the forum and the Oracle SQL Developer home page. The Oracle SQL Developer Exchange is available at: .

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