Cannon Technologies' MCT-410cL Personality Module Available

April 26, 2006
Itron Inc. announces the commercial availability of the Cannon Technologies MCT-410cL Personality Module for the CENTRON Meter.

Itron Inc. announces the commercial availability of the Cannon Technologies MCT-410cL Personality Module for the CENTRON Meter.

The MCT-410 series Metering and Control Transponders uses two-way Cannon Power Line Communications (PLC) to provide low-cost remote meter reading and advanced data collection. Cannon Technologies is installing its PLC technology in Itron's CENTRON meter to provide end-to-end solutions that utilize Cannon's 19 years of expertise in distribution automation, automated metering, and demand response.

Based upon the Itron CENTRON meter, the MCT-410cL is designed to replace a residential meter, plugging into a standard meter socket. The MCT provides high speed, cost-effective remote meter reading from customer or line locations using two-way Cannon PLC. The Cannon PLC system uses utility power lines to provide reliable communications from the distribution substation through the distribution transformer to the end metering or control points.

The MCT-410cL Personality Module in the CENTRON Meter, part of Cannon’s advanced energy system, offers utilities more data in less time. Each meter stores vast amounts of data in non-volatile memory, which allows interval and peak usage data to be obtained without having to download and manage the data in a database. There is no longer a need to install special meters at problem accounts. Meters come with full Load Profile, Voltage Profile, Outage Profile, and Disconnect capability. Cannon PLC provides on-demand reads from the meter—round trip—within 3 to 6 seconds. This allows customer issues to be resolved during a customer service call. Reads can be repeated immediately if needed.

Cannon offers the fastest Distribution Line Communications (DLC) available in the AMR industry that works with the proven, accurate, and reliable Itron CENTRON solid-state meter. Now utilities can integrate superior two-way meter functionality with the industry’s leading Yukon® Software System with load management, distribution automation and eSubstation SCADA reporting capabilities.

“Itron continues to focus on developing new and innovative Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) solutions for the utility industry and beyond,” said Lowell Rust, product line manager for Residential Metering. “The availability of Cannon’s technology is further proof of our commitment to provide our customers an unparalleled variety of flexible communications that help them save money, time and other resources.”

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