City of Princeton, Illinois, to Implement Cyber Security

Oct. 5, 2011
The City of Princeton, Illinois, has commissioned a cyber security system.

The City of Princeton, Illinois, has commissioned a cyber security system. HD Supply Utilities and N-Dimension Solutions Inc. commissioned the security system for the city. N-Dimension is the exclusive partner for cyber security to Hometown Connections of the American Public Power Association. The cyber solution is a critical component of HD Supply’s integrated, end-to-end smart grid solution, GridAdvance.

A $700,000 energy efficiency grant from the Illinois’ Energy Plan allowed the city to deploy smart grid technologies that benefit 3,700 residential and 600 commercial and industrial customers. The team provisioned an integrated, seamless cyber security solution that allowed the city to shape its smart grid project.

Doug Westlund, CEO of N-Dimension, stated, “We were able to deliver a truly comprehensive cyber security solution for the city of Princeton by leveraging our proven cyber security technology in conjunction with HD Supply Utilities’ GridAdvance offering.”

The city of Princeton Electric Department, serving its community since 1900, is responsible for the safe delivery of electricity to homes and businesses as well as the maintenance of the local electricity distribution system. The utility is a member of the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency and Illinois Municipal Utility Association. The city’s new smart grid system was deployed last September; and has been beneficial in the following ways:

  • Improved efficiencies in meter reading
  • Improved energy planning
  • Grid control by executing real-time demand response control programs
  • Supporting utility energy savings programs including demand response, time-of-use and critical peak pricing

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