Intergraph Advances Enterprise Geospatial Product Lines

June 24, 2009
Intergraph has enhanced its open geospatial technology portfolio to further extend the value and exchange of spatial data across the enterprise.

Intergraph has enhanced its widely adopted, open geospatial technology portfolio to further extend the value and exchange of spatial data across the enterprise.

Intergraph GeoMedia is one of the most advanced, yet simple-to-use tools for performing in-depth analysis on spatial data and for accessing and distributing the data in various formats across the enterprise and to key external stakeholders. The standards-based technology, built in accordance with Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards, is used worldwide by organizations in the utilities, communications, transportation and government sectors to fully leverage existing data and improve operations.

Intergraph has enhanced and expanded GeoMedia to provide improved aesthetic representation of certain features on a map, as well as updated coordinate systems support for users in Europe, Southeast Asia and South America. GeoMedia enables organizations to visually integrate a wide range of geospatially-related business data to create a clear picture of operations, facilitating faster and better decision making. The technology also allows for the quick, flexible design of high-quality maps.

Complementing GeoMedia is Intergraph GeoMedia WebMap, which provides direct, real-time access to enterprise geospatial data, along with spatial analysis and map generation functionality, through a simple Web browser. Web access to these capabilities dramatically cuts down the complexity and costs typically associated with such a powerful, dynamic and open geospatial application. Recent additions to GeoMedia WebMap also allow for the simple creation of Google Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth "mashups," which integrate enterprise data with the familiar look and feel of these popular mapping technologies for optimal ease-of-use.

Both GeoMedia and GeoMedia WebMap now include additional support for the OGC standard, including Keyhole Markup Language (KML) for publishing to commercial geospatial Web browsers. OGC is becoming a crucial element for the seamless transfer of spatial data within and among various organizations, especially in support of the INSPIRE spatial data infrastructure (SDI) initiative in Europe and other SDI initiatives around the world.

In addition to user-friendly access and distribution of data, another key aspect of successful geospatial infrastructure is the management of massive amounts of imagery, terrain and video data. With the Intergraph TerraShare product family, organizations can automate the storage, management and distribution of large quantities of satellite imagery, aerial photos, elevation, LiDAR and video files. This process boosts productivity, as new data from a wide variety of locations and in multiple formats is automatically ingested, organized, processed and catalogued by the system, and can then be easily accessed by enterprise applications.

As an open system built on industry standards such as OGC, and with support for third-party applications, TerraShare dramatically simplifies the management of geospatial content in its native format, ensuring that everyone across the enterprise is working with current, accurate data. Recent additions to TerraShare include the ability to manage video data and enhancements to speed the workflow from data discovery to exploitation. The latest version also includes new interfaces to geographic information system (GIS) and computer-aided design (CAD) applications for a fast route to exploitation and production, as well as to Intergraph GeoMedia for geospatial content exploitation.

The GeoMedia and Terrashare product lines continue to support mainstream database platforms like Oracle Spatial and Microsoft SQL Server. GeoMedia uses these database platforms natively such that the geospatial data is completely open and available for all applications across the enterprise. GeoMedia is now also interoperable with G/Technology, enabling utilities and communications organizations to maximize the value of existing technologies and data.

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