Vettro Unveils Mobile SaaS Application for Utilities and Excavation

May 7, 2008
Vettro has announced a new mobile workforce application for underground utility operators, excavators, and locators

Vettro has announced a new mobile workforce application for underground utility operators, excavators, and locators. The Vettro 360 for Damage Prevention application suite will allows the utility industry to adopt mobile dispatch and ticket management processes as well as advanced GPS capabilities to accelerate communication of accurate jobsite information between various organizations involved in the underground damage prevention process.

In the United States, underground utility infrastructure are vulnerable to damage from thousands of excavations occurring daily. Communication about planned excavations to underground facility owners and operators is critical and facility operators need to quickly determine if they have underground facilities in the excavation area. With Vettro, field workers can easily capture GPS-based latitude and longitude coordinates along with ticket details and electronically transmit the information to and from One-Call centers.

“Vettro has long recognized the demand for various types of mobile capabilities within the Utility and Energy sector. Mobile field service can be applied to a multitude of industries and businesses, and this is a prime example of a business segment identifying a specific need and then dictating how technology can provide a solution,” said Joe Rymsza, CEO of Vettro.

Vettro 360 for Damage Prevention provides GPS-based electronic white lining, mobile workforce mapping and tracking, as well as end-to-end ticket management. Vettro originally developed it for a ‘proof-of-concept’ project with the Virginia Utility Protection Service (VUPS).

As with all Vettro 360 applications, Vettro 360 for Damage Prevention will be packaged to deploy directly onto mobile devices over the wireless network in a matter of minutes. Built on a mobile software-as service architecture, the application can be updated and managed entirely over the air, and boasts plug-and-play with advanced mobile technologies such as external GPS devices, bar code scanners, point-of-service transactions, and printing to optimize performance of the mobile enterprise.

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