ClickSoftware Adds Customer Interaction Management Capabilities to ServiceOptimization Suite

Jan. 21, 2009
ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd. has launched ClickContact, a new solution for customer interaction management and the newest addition to the company's ServiceOptimization Suite

ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd. has launched ClickContact, a new solution for customer interaction management and the newest addition to the company's ServiceOptimization Suite.

ClickContact offers a number of out-of-the-box features to help service organizations improve customer service by facilitating better communication with customers. Starting with appointment booking, the solution enables service organizations to offer customers the option of self-service appointment booking via the Internet, which allows customers to choose the medium by which they interact with the service organization. This puts more control over the service experience in the customer's hands from the start.

Once an appointment is booked, either online or by phone, ClickContact enables the service organization to send customers automatic notifications-including confirmations, updates, etc.--via email, text or voice messaging--and to proactively keep in touch with the customer regarding the expected time of arrival of the technician to the service location. By providing this type of communications, service organizations show they respect their customers' time. With updates provided by ClickContact, service organizations can offer their customers smaller appointment windows, and customers are no longer "chained" to the service location waiting for the service technician to arrive. The real-time updates mean that customers can do whatever they need to do away from the service location and arrive just in time to meet the technician.

In addition to appointment booking, ClickContact enables customers to reschedule or cancel appointments that are no longer scheduled for a convenient time. These appointment management capabilities enable customers to change their appointments as many times as they need to without the hassle or time cost of having to wait on hold to speak with a service representative each time.

While contributing immensely to the quality of service, ClickContact also offers efficiency gains by reducing the number of staff at contact centers.

The seamless integration with all other ClickSoftware's products offers two unique advantages over other solutions, be they purchased or home grown. First, real time data obtained from hand held and GPS devices are automatically integrated so that the estimates for arrival time are a combination of where the technician currently is in his daily schedule, as well as last-minute updates regarding his location or traffic conditions. This enables the service organization to provide a more accurate estimated arrival time. Second, the cost of deployment and on-going cost of ownership is greatly reduced since all products are built on the same databases and software infra-structure. This is true whether a company is looking to deploy another out-of-the-box solution or build a solution internally.

While improving the customer experience, and reducing staff at contact centers, ClickContact also helps a service organization cut down on the number of customer "no-shows" that require a costly second visit to the client location to complete a work order.

The last component of the ClickContact offering is the ability to automatically send customer satisfaction surveys immediately following service in order to gain important performance feedback while it is still fresh in the customer's mind. By soliciting immediate feedback, service organizations are more likely to get the information they need to fine tune service offerings and improve technician performance, both drivers of customer satisfaction.

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