Updated Software Develops Long-Term Hourly, Sub-Hourly Load Forecasts.

June 21, 2006
Itron Inc has released MetrixLT 4.0, the latest version of an hourly electric forecasting tool.

Itron Inc has released MetrixLT 4.0, an hourly electric forecasting tool.

MetrixLT 4.0 offers five new modeling features that can be used to develop long-term hourly and sub-hourly load forecasts. The tool supports utility generation, transmission and distribution planning and allows users to generate load shape forecasts for the current year or for 50 years from now. First released in 2002, Itron MetrixLT is used by 25 utilities and energy companies world wide.Itron provides knowledge to help our customers in the energy and water industry develop accurate load shape forecasts by end use, class of service, system total or other user defined segments,” said Frank Monforte, Itron director of forecasting. “With MetrixLT, we’re providing users with a resource for building models to meet regulatory requirements. MetrixLT 4.0 is a valuable tool in today’s energy markets.”MetrixLT allows forecasters to calibrate load shape profiles or day-type load shapes to annual or monthly energy forecasts. MetrixLT’s advanced graphical capabilities allow users to view load shapes by class of service and end use, identify data points, and drill into their data. The new, enhanced features of Itron MetrixLT 4.0 include five new modeling objects that provide users with even greater flexibility to develop accurate and complex forecasts.

One of the objects, the Normal Monthly Weather Transform Table, creates a single year of monthly normal variables from multiple years of existing monthly variables, and then rotates the output onto future calendar years. Other enhancements include an improved grid and graph view, new graph features, and the ability to construct billing cycle weighted weather variables.

"We’ve used MetrixLT since 2002 as part of our annual budget forecast process,” said Paul Cullen, supervisor, Load Research and Analysis at Omaha Public Power District. “MetrixLT is a key component in translating our monthly sales forecast into the annual load shapes required by our planning departments. The software allows us to manage both the monthly energy and system peaks.”MetrixLT is a key element of Itron’s suite of forecasting solutions. These solutions range from forecasting short-term system operations, to retail and wholesale customer loads and prices, to financial forecasting."Working seamlessly with MetrixND, MetrixLT allows the forecaster to develop accurate long-term hourly load shape forecasts that are easy to use and maintain over time,” said Monforte.

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