HD Supply Utilities Offers Carina Technology's Migration Software

Dec. 21, 2009
HD Supply Utilities has partnered with Carina Technology, a broadband energy management services company with solutions in more than 100 U.S. utilities, to distribute Carina’s Energy

HD Supply Utilities has partnered with Carina Technology to distribute Carina’s Energy Intelligence (EI) Solution to electric utilities in most areas of the United States. The EI Solution is based on industry-true Internet Protocol (IP) standards.

Energy Intelligence encompasses open standard hardware and software platforms that enable applications including: remote meter reading, remote meter connect/disconnect, real-time prepay, pro-active outage management, real-time load control, validated peak shaving/shifting, demand response and demand side management. It leverages real-time energy data collected from intelligent end point devices and two-way information to deliver increased operational efficiencies and new revenue streams for utilities. Additionally, by using existing and new wireless and broadband communications, the solution is “out-of-the-box ready” and does not require the utility to immediately build proprietary fixed networks that support AMR/AMI systems.

Energy Intelligence provides a strategic migration path that addresses a utility’s billing and metering challenges for current AMR/AMI systems and future smart grid initiatives such as distribution automation, home area networking and dynamic pricing. Hardware and software platforms can be deployed on an individual basis, easily scaling to a more fully integrated solution suite encompassing multiple components to handle the advanced billing and metering requirements of future smart grid applications.

For example, the Universal Metering Device (UMD) solution component helps utilities to curtail costs associated with truck rolls, debt write-offs and fees resulting from consumers’ increasing inability to pay for electricity service through remote connect/disconnect capabilities. The UMD solution also scales to allow a utility to implement advanced smart grid functionality such as real-time pricing, demand response and load control without a hardware change, saving the utility money and time.

HD Supply Utilities will distribute the full Energy Intelligence solution to utilities, including the UMD solution, WISE solution for real-time demand response and FlexPay solution for prepaid energy. Additionally, the company will work closely with Carina to provide project management, installation services, technical support and customer care.

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