Itron Launches New Load Research Software Tool

Sept. 25, 2007
Itron Inc. has released Load Research System 2.0, an advanced and powerful tool for analyzing load research data.

Itron Inc. has released Load Research System2.0, a tool for analyzing load research data. The program is designed to simplify load research processes, reduce data collection and analysis costs, and increase accuracy of load profiles. LRS uses the latest Windows .NET technologies. The resulting graphical user interface enables analysts to view input data and estimation results in a variety of powerful statistical views, providing improved capability to detect and resolve problems and increased confidence in the final results.

"LRS 2.0 brings to the load research area a new set of tools with powerful data visualization and analysis capabilities that are similar to our industry leading forecasting systems” said J. Stuart McMenamin, Itron's managing director of forecasting. “With LRS, we’re providing users with a best-in-class tool that takes full advantage of the analysis capabilities of the Windows environment. This product will help our load research clients simplify and automate operations, improve accuracy, increase confidence in load research results, and reduce the time required to manage the load research process.” LRS 2.0 is the latest addition to Itron’s suite of utility software applications. These solutions support meter data collection, meter data management, complex billing, revenue assurance, customer care, and other value-added applications of interval data.“Working seamlessly with other Itron solutions, LRS is a new tool that will add value for our customers in a number of key areas, including integrated resource planning, optimizing T&D system efficiency and reliability, settlement processes in retail energy markets, rate design, energy efficiency and demand response programs, and a host of other applications,” said McMenamin.

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