Data Fusion Platform Launched for Utilities

June 1, 2011
GridGlo has publicly launched the company and a platform for turning disparate energy data into breakthrough solutions for utilities.

GridGlo, LLC. has publicly launched the company and a platform for turning disparate energy data into breakthrough solutions for utilities. As part of the launch, GridGlo also announced a strategic partnership with, and $1.2 million capital raise from, CUBRC, a Buffalo, New York-based research organization with deep data fusion expertise developed over decades serving the Department of Defense and other government agencies.

GridGlo’s new cloud-based, platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution aggregates petabytes of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) data and analyzes it by applying proprietary algorithms and advanced data fusion processes. Data fusion is the science of combining disparate sources of data to develop inferences and continually refine them, and GridGlo said it is the first to leverage this approach to derive novel insights from energy consumption data. GridGlo enriches usage data with consumer behavioral, demographic and premises-specific information, providing new ways for utilities to drive customer engagement and forecast, segment and monetize their market opportunities.

One of the first applications GridGlo has developed with this approach is the Energy People Meter (EPM), a FICO-like score for energy consumers. An EPM score is a real-time digital fingerprint of a customer’s energy behavior. EPM scores range from 1 to 1000, with a higher score reflecting a user who consumes energy efficiently, has predictable consumption patterns, and is actively improving his or her energy consumption behavior.

GridGlo and its utility partners are also testing a number of other applications, such as a forecasting tool to reliably predict demand on an individual-premise basis and a demand response scenario builder to predict the impact of future demand response events. In addition, GridGlo is testing a risk management tool for identifying potential abandonment, energy theft, and consumer financial health.

“The smart grid today is like the wireless industry of the early 2000s – a market of great latent potential nearing an inflection point,” said Isaias Sudit, founder and CEO of GridGlo. “With reams of data constantly being generated by AMI and other smart grid systems, we see tremendous opportunity in unlocking the value of that data and know we have the right technology and approach to do so.”

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