Hunt Technologies Acquires StatSignal Systems

Sept. 13, 2006
Hunt Technologies has acquired the Atlanta-based company StatSignal Systems, Inc.

Hunt Technologies, Inc. has acquired the Atlanta-based company StatSignal Systems, Inc. The acquisition further increases Hunt's advanced metering possibilities for all utilities by adding a true two-way, dynamic RF mesh network solution to its portfolio.

The new dynamic RF mesh technology with self-initializing and self-healing devices, high system performance and reliability, and system scalability and accessibility, will further be enhanced by the complete integration into Hunt's powerful Command Center operating system.

"In our continued pursuit to provide the utility industry a comprehensive AMI solution that provides100% coverage and functionality," said Hunt CEO Todd Headlee, "the acquisition and complete integration of StatSignal's true two-way dynamic RF mesh solution with our existing power line carrier technologies will further enhance utility options for flexible advanced metering and energy-efficiency applications."

The StatSignal system is a patented RF mesh solution offering many advantages over historical RF fixed network-based systems. Because it operates in the unlicensed frequency band, provides multiple network configuration options and operates without endpoint programming, the system deploys rapidly and more cost-efficiently. StatSignal's two-way, dynamic RF mesh creates a continuously adaptive, robust and intelligent data acquisition and control system, enabling more data flow and timely data access at a lower overall cost than competitive systems.

Cameron O'Reilly, managing director of the Bayard Group, which owns Hunt Technologies, said the acquisition fits Bayard's overall strategy of market leadership in the energy measurement and efficiency technologies sectors.

"This technology is a good fit with our ongoing development strategy," O'Reilly said. "It will complement and further enhance our advanced metering capabilities."

With the acquisition of StatSignal's dynamic RF mesh technology and Hunt's current technologies (TS1 and TS2 power line carrier and AirPoint RF-based meter monitoring solutions), utilities have solution options for either a two-way AMI solution or a one-way AMR (automatic meter reading) system. Combined with the broadest meter platform compatibility and a single operating software platform, these solutions offer excellent return on investment and total flexibility when deployed separately or in blended systems that provide utilities even greater means to increase energy, operational and infrastructure efficiencies.

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