City of Helsingør, Denmark, Joins Bentley’s Municipal License Subscription Program

March 7, 2007
Bentley Systems, Incorporated has announced that the city of Helsingør, in the north of the Danish island of Sealand, has joined Bentley’s Municipal License Subscription (MLS) program.

Bentley Systems, Incorporated has announced that the city of Helsingør, in the north of the Danish island of Sealand, has joined Bentley’s Municipal License Subscription (MLS) program. The city will use its new MLS to enhance the services it provides to its more than 60,000 citizens.

Bentley’s MLS offers municipalities software to design and manage all their infrastructure for a fixed annual fee based on population. The breakthrough program enables them to improve productivity and reduce administrative costs by outfitting their entire mapping and engineering organizations with fully integrated software for GIS and engineering workflows. This leads to improved services and more efficient government.

Helsingør provides its citizens with a full range of services, including public works, electric power, district heating, water and wastewater treatment, public safety, and mapping – among many others. With the help of Bentley Geo Web Publisher, the city publishes all services-related data on the Internet and its intranet, providing city staff and the public with easy access to this information.

As comprehensive as its service offerings are, the city is always looking for opportunities to enhance them. As Anja Jerow, technical designer for Helsingør, said, “We are particularly interested in elevating the level of our GIS capabilities, offering the entire GIS staff access to Bentley’s comprehensive portfolio of geospatial software. Acquiring this access the old-fashioned way, through the purchase of additional licenses, would be far too costly and would make pilot deployments of additional solutions prohibitively expensive.”

Jerow continued, “With our MLS, we can deploy any Bentley solution in the program at no additional charge and, therefore, experiment with new solutions while maintaining tight control of our budget. Better still, because our entire organization has access to the software, we can spread the program’s cost evenly among our departments, simplifying budgeting.

“More importantly, through our new MLS, the needs of our citizens are better met – a direct result of our ready access to a comprehensive selection of advanced software. At the same time, future service expansions or enhancements are easier to plan for since we are no longer hampered by the budget approval process typically needed to acquire new software for service upgrades.”

One of the additional Bentley solutions being considered for future deployment by Helsingør is ProjectWise, a scalable collaboration system for connecting people and information across the distributed enterprise. Said Jerow, “We will likely implement ProjectWise for use by the electric power department. ProjectWise would help streamline our documentation workflows and improve data exchanges among the Helsingør staff, our subcontractors, and third-party suppliers.”

Bentley’s MLS program provides municipalities with unlimited access to a comprehensive portfolio of integrated GIS and engineering software for all of their infrastructure, including:

  • Public works – roads, bridges, water, sewer, and storm
  • Land development
  • E-government
  • Light rail design
  • Community broadband
  • Water and wastewater treatment plant design
  • Electric and gas distribution networks
  • Urban planning
  • Cadastre management
  • Public safety
  • Municipal building design
  • Mapping and 3D modeling

Because program fees are fixed, Bentley’s MLS guarantees predictable software costs and budgeting. In addition, it removes the administrative burden of complex software licenses, shortens procurement cycles, speeds project starts, and ultimately leads to more efficient government.

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