Public Service Electric & Gas to Expand Deployment of Itron Automatic Meter Reading Technology

Aug. 12, 2005
Public Service Electric & Gas, Newark, New Jersey, will be conducting a pilot deployment of Itron's Fixed Network technology.

Public Service Electric & Gas, Newark, New Jersey, will be conducting a pilot deployment of Itron’s Fixed Network technology. PSE&G will pilot Itron’s newest generation of gas and electric Fixed Network technology by the end of the year to evaluate the technology for possible future deployment, and a residential energy management system pilot to evaluate demand response.

Itron Inc. will also deliver a total of 300,000 automatic meter reading (AMR) modules for PSE&G’s natural gas meters through the end of 2006.

Itron will deliver 120,000 AMR modules in 2005 and the balance of 180,000 devices in 2006. PSE&G has already automated approximately 70,000 natural gas and electric meters using Itron AMR technology in its service territory.

Cecil House, PSE&G’s vice president of customer operations, said Itron’s AMR technology has proven its value to both the utility and its customers and, accordingly, PSE&G is now ready to expand its deployment.

“AMR technology has proven to be a valuable asset in supporting our efforts to control costs and provide our customers with the highest level of service,” said House. “By reducing our meter reading costs while eliminating estimated bills and the need to access our customers’ properties, Itron has established a strong track record of success here at PSE&G and we’re looking forward to extending these benefits to a larger number of our customers.”

“Like many of our other large utility customers, PSE&G has experienced the cost efficiencies, accuracy and effectiveness of Itron AMR technology firsthand, and is moving forward with a broader deployment,” said Russ Vanos, vice president for Itron’s hardware sales. “We look forward to expanding our partnership with PSE&G and also working with them on developing and evaluating the business case for Itron’s advanced fixed network technology.”

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