Telvent Smart Operations Includes Integration of Key Technologies

Jan. 24, 2008
Telvent has released the full integration of Smart Operations, a component of the Smart Grid Solution.

Telvent has released the full integration of Smart Operations, a component of the Smart Grid Solution. The Smart Operating Solution is based on open SCADA, Outage Management System (OMS), Distribution Management System (DMS), and Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, now fully integrated in an open, standard way to bring added value to the intelligent network.

The Smart Operations Solution addresses daily operational activities such as control and dispatching through improved tools for responding to outages and critical operating scenarios. It also provides advanced solutions for engineering and maintenance functions. Specifically, the integration includes OASyS DNA SCADA; ArcFM Enterprise GIS Solution, which includes Responder outage management; and Telvent DMS software.

Integrating dynamic data establishes a two-way channel for exchanging any subsets of real-time data that have a representation in a mission-critical system. The integration architecture consists of two communication patterns - request and publish-subscribe - and allows additional integration to other technologies.

Current utility optimization applications run on static models or through rules-based systems. Telvent’s new paradigm is to use the investment in enterprise GIS and apply a topology model to the other solutions. As a result of the tighter integration of these systems, the complete network model can be updated more frequently and made to track closely to the actual field electric system configuration. With the integration architecture in place, engineers, operators, and field personnel can make decisions based on the most current information available. Thus, the utility is able to do “more and more, with less and less,” improving efficiency to the maximum level possible.

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