Software Offers Customer Demand for Enterprise-Wide Scheduling, Shift Planning and Configurable Business Mobility

Sept. 8, 2011
ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd has released version 8.1.5 of its ServiceOptimization Suite.

ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd has released version 8.1.5 of its ServiceOptimization Suite. This latest release delivers enterprise-wide scheduling, cutting edge mobile application configuration for non-technical users in the Mobility Studio, and intuitive usability across the entire Workforce Management Platform.

The improvements are aligned to ClickSoftware's solution roadmap and strategy to provide a Workforce Management Platform. New functionality will promote improved workforce agility and control; enabling ClickSoftware's clients to deploy its solutions to the workforce faster in a manner that is aligned to their company strategy.

With version 8.1.5, clients now take control of all workforce operations with enterprise-wide scheduling using a combination of ClickSchedule and ClickRoster. This complete end-to-end offering optimizes the deployment of the entire workforce; not just those employees out in the field, but also those who are office/plant based, using the same Workforce Management Platform. This means that employees can be quickly aligned to company objectives across any number of businesses or departments regardless of their role.

ClickSoftware's Mobility Studio allows enterprises to build and configure mobility applications that utilize the latest HTML5 standards so that they are device agnostic. Version 8.1.5 adds to this the Business Views Engine enabling business users with no technical ability to create and configure modular mobile applications with no coding, and using drag and drop wizards to meet role-based requirements. As a result organizations can reduce the time-to-market of important mobile applications and any reliance on costly technical resources.

In addition to this, for ClickMobile Advanced, ClickSoftware has expanded its commitment to the Sybase infrastructure by adding its first generation support for the Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP).

ClickSoftware has long promoted the considerable benefits that come with an optimized Workforce Management Platform, from employees utilizing mobile enterprise solutions for the first time, through to the ongoing transformation of working practices. For both new and existing users of ClickSoftware, this latest release will lead to a swifter adoption of the latest functionality, leading to a faster Return on Investment (ROI) with implementations becoming easier and faster.

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