Software Supports AMI, Dynamic Pricing Pilots

June 13, 2007
Nexus Energy Software has announced the availability of a hosted, “on-demand” Meter Data Management capability.

Nexus Energy Software has announced the availability of a hosted, “on-demand” Meter Data Management (MDMS) capability.

“Utilities looking to implement an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) are increasingly recognizing the need for a robust MDMS to serve as the central hub that manages, process, stores, and makes this newly available data available to other systems,” said David Bonnett, vice president of product management at Nexus. “Until now, there have been limited or no choices for smaller utilities that cannot afford a large-scale MDMS, or for utilities that are implementing pilots but are not ready to commit to long-term MDMS deployment. A hosted, on-demand platform meets these needs.”

Jon T. Brock, chief operating officer at research-based consultancy UtiliPoint International, supports this concept. “We have been hearing from utility executives across the country that they would be interested in a hosted MDMS solution, either for the long term or as an interim solution while their longer term plans are being formulated. Nexus’ new offering appears to plug an important gap in the market.”

Nexus Energy Software provides MDMS systems, including applications that leverage the data to support areas such as revenue protection, distribution planning, load research, forecasting, settlement, complex billing and customer service. Its Meter Vision MDM data repository is currently being used to manage the largest AMI system in North America in terms of data volume, the 1.4M meter system deployed by PPL in Pennsylvania that collects hourly data.

Nexus indicated that working with its sister AMI companies DCSI and Hexagram, it will provide pre-integrated end-to-end solutions including hosted services for managing the AMI network operating system. This move positions Nexus, DCSI and Hexagram as leaders providing full Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions for both MDMS and AMI.

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