Teradata Releases Accelerate for Utilities Customer Management

May 27, 2009
Teradata Corp. has announced the availability of Teradata Accelerate for Utilities Customer Management.

Teradata Corp. has announced the availability of Teradata Accelerate for Utilities Customer Management. The new packaged solution addresses utilities’ needs to communicate with customers in more direct and effective ways about their energy consumption and alternative energy options. The new solution is an affordable package of Teradata’s database, platform, tools and professional services that delivers quick time to value.

“Utilities are now beginning to adopt customer management technology already in wide use in telecommunications, retail and other industries where customer service is critical to on-going profitability,” said David Grant, vice president for global industry solutions for communications, media, entertainment and utilities, Teradata Corp.

Accelerate for Utilities Customer Management can help energy companies predict customer behavior, such as whether a collections call will slow down or speed up payment, which consumers will participate in voluntary programs to curb demand during high peak periods, or which consumers are willing to pay a premium for wind energy. In addition, energy companies can communicate with consumers and businesses via their preferred communications channel regarding planned tree trimming, a looming brownout or even report status of service restoration following a power outage.

“The introduction of advanced metering and communication technologies — combined with customer gateways or portals and energy-efficient appliances — will change the way consumers interact with their energy suppliers. Additionally, Smart Meters are generating meter reading data multiple times per hour instead of one read monthly. While these are opportunities for utilities to understand customer consumption, they also produce substantially higher volumes of data that must be mined for information if utilities and their customers are to benefit,” Grant said.

Teradata’s Accelerate for Utilities Customer Management is an affordable conveniently bundled package from a single vendor, reducing risk in implementation and quick time to value. The package includes Teradata’s Purpose-Built Platform Family, Teradata database software, application software and services that enable utilities to rapidly deploy and quickly realize business value from their investment. Teradata Accelerate for Utility Customer Management also includes a management dashboard and business intelligence reports and is deployed using Teradata consulting and implementation services. It can be set up in a production environment in 90 days. .

The following components are bundled as part of Teradata Accelerate packages:

  • Teradata Database – the data warehousing database with built-in functionality to provide for easy setup and manageability along with Teradata tools and utilities to make it easy to rapidly load and query data
  • One member of the Teradata Purpose-Built Platform Family – Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse platform, Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance, or Teradata Data Mart Appliance
  • Teradata Relationship Manager – a multi-channel software application for managing marketing communications. It includes cross segment analysis that allows users to discover and analyze behavior by and across different customer groups to gauge effectiveness of communications or promotions.
  • Teradata Professional Services – consulting and support services to quickly get up and running
  • Teradata training - supports users as they learn to get the most value out of their data warehouse investment.
  • Optionally available is the Informatica extract, transform and load (ETL) tool, a means for extracting data from varied sources and loading it into the data warehouse after transforming it into the proper format.

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