Itronix Unveils Tough Semi-Rugged Notebook

Sept. 22, 2005
Itronix Corp. has introduced the GoBook VR-1, a tough semi-rugged notebook computer. The GoBook VR-1 represents the introduction of a new semi-rugged product line that builds on the company's family of fully rugged, wireless notebooks, handhelds, and ...

Itronix Corp. has introduced the GoBook VR-1, a tough semi-rugged notebook computer. The GoBook VR-1 represents the introduction of a new semi-rugged product line that builds on the company's family of fully rugged, wireless notebooks, handhelds, and tablet PCs. Itronix also announced its new semi-rugged HUMMER branded laptop. As the toughest semi-rugged notebooks available, these new additions to Itronix's computing portfolio provide rugged durability, performance and ergonomics, and state-of-the-art integrated wireless capabilities.

With support for up to four separate wireless options -- including optional GPS -- the GoBook VR-1 enables mobile users to remain "connected" wherever they may be. Built to withstand the vibration, temperature extremes, bumps, shocks, and spills that mobile computer users encounter daily, the Itronix semi-rugged GoBook VR-1 notebook was developed to appeal to both industrial users, as well mobile professionals that need a tough computer to reliably endure the tumultuous and often unpredictable conditions that come with using a notebook on the go.

Analyst firm Venture Development Corporation forecasts that the semi-rugged/rugged notebook segment has the greatest growth potential in the overall rugged notebook computing market, with a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.3 percent between 2004 and 2009.

Semi-rugged notebooks are typically used in "mobile office" and in-vehicle environments. In comparison to commercial notebooks, which work best in indoor environments from office to conference room, semi-rugged notebooks are best suited for professional "road warriors" who battle security gates and overhead baggage compartments on a regular basis and in vehicles such as police cars or service vehicles. To reliably perform in these tough environments, true semi-rugged notebooks are designed to meet strict military specifications for resistance to vibration, shock, humidity, and extreme hot and cold operating temperature ranges.

With notebook damage costs increasing an estimated 22.5 percent over the past three years according to Technology Business Research (TBR), organizations can improve their return on investment by providing mobile employees with semi-rugged notebooks that increase their efficiency and reduce damage expenses - estimated by TBR to be $2,900 per incident.

To best meet the needs of mission critical computing, the GoBook VR-1 notebook is designed to meet tough military standards (MIL STD 810F) for vibration, humidity, and operating temperature range, and has outstanding shock and spill resistance. Its rugged features include:

-- Magnesium alloy casing with stainless steel hinges
-- 12.1" shock-mounted XGA display
-- Removable shock-mounted hard drive
-- Spill-resistant keyboard and palm rest area

Optimized for people on the go, the GoBook VR-1 is a vehicle-ready solution. It's tough enough to withstand day-to-day mobile, in- vehicle use using a companion vehicle cradle that provides:

-- Simple, fast and easy docking and undocking
-- Theft-resistant locking system
-- Two external antenna SMA connectors, one for WLAN and one for WWAN
-- Four USB 2.0 ports (2 on the standalone unit, or a total of 4 when used in a docking station)
-- Firewire device driver
-- Two serial ports
-- Parallel port
-- External monitor/CRT port
-- Two PS/2 ports (on docking station)
-- Remote power switch
-- Microphone and speaker jacks

The GoBook VR-1 offers three points of security, including two levels of network security options:

-- Removable hard drive
-- Fingerprint scanner
-- Smartcard reader

The notebook's uniquely styled and ergonomic design makes it attractive and easy to use.

-- Thinnest and lightest (5.6 pounds) notebook in the semi-rugged category with this level of durability
-- Enhanced-brightness display for excellent outdoor visibility and use
-- Touch-screen options
-- Stylish design with a hard carry handle or flexible shoulder strap (optional)
-- Auto-adjusting LCD screen
-- Front loading battery
-- Optional office dock with two USB 2.0 ports and one Firewire port

With the fastest processor speed in a semi-rugged notebook, the GoBook VR-1 comes pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows XP software. Highlights include:

-- 1.86 GHz Intel Centrino Pentium M processor + 533 MHz FSB
-- Up to 2 GB of DDRII DRAM (512 MB standard)
-- 40GB (80GB optional) removable hard-disk drive
-- PCMCIA slot and two USB 2.0 interfaces
-- Optional express card and smart card slots
-- Full cooling fan and optional hard drive heater for extreme temperatures
-- four- to six-hour lithium-ION battery with patent-pending user switchable power management utility.

Integrated and Upgradeable Wireless: Like other Itronix products, the GoBook VR-1 notebook features integrated wireless capabilities that provide powerful connectivity generally not available in commercial notebooks, to allow users full flexibility in connectivity options including:

-- Up to four concurrent radios: Wi-Fi, WWAN, GPS and Bluetooth
-- WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g Intel Centrino wireless technology is standard
-- WWAN: Support for either GSM/GPRS/EDGE or 1xEV-DO using the unique Itronix CRMA-Express(TM) upgradeable wireless data module
-- GPS: Quadra-Helix High-Gain GPS antenna and integrated receiver module are available
-- Bluetooth: For use with compatible Bluetooth devices including headsets and printers

Designed to allow for wireless upgradeability, the VR-1's unique CRMA-Express architecture allows users to migrate to new and faster wireless data standards such as 1xEV-DO wireless broadband, as they become available. Owners can rest assured that their GoBook VR-1 notebook is "future-proof" and extend the usable life of their wireless notebook.

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