Czech Utility Conducting Residential Smart Metering Pilot Project

Oct. 13, 2010
Landis+Gyr has been selected by the CEZ Group, a Czech utility, for three distinct energy projects.

Landis+Gyr has been selected by the CEZ Group, a Czech utility, for three distinct energy projects. Landis+Gyr is to conduct CEZ's first residential smart metering pilot project in the Czech Republic. The two companies will also establish multi-energy metering in the Czech ICG sector and enter the Albanian market with Landis+Gyr's SuperConverge, the largest industrial, commercial and grid meter data system in Europe.

Landis+Gyr will supply 10,000 smart meters for the CEZ Group's 40,000 metering point pilot project in the Czech Republic. Moreover, the company's Gridstream solution, including head-end software and Meter Data Management System for data processing will be deployed for the whole project.

The ICG projects build on the existing SuperConverge contract between Landis+Gyr and CEZ, essentially doubling the 43,000 metering points it currently operates throughout the Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria to reach a total of 85,000 discrete meters.

Martin Michek, commercial director of CEZ Mereni, says: "In autumn 2010, a multi-energy pilot project for the Czech heating industry was launched and it is due to be complete by the end of the year. The rollout of data acquisition and processing from heat meters belonging to the CEZ Group will begin in 2011. The rollout of SuperConverge in Albania follows the successful launch and operation of the data central station in Romania and Bulgaria. SuperConverge is being integrated gradually to the CEZ Group's IT systems and we are confident it will result in higher quality metering services."

Landis+Gyr is participating in each of the three smart metering pilot projects currently occurring throughout the Czech Republic, which has 5.5 million electricity metering points. The CEZ Group owns 3.5 million of these points, and its pilot project is the most extensive.

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