Teradata Introduces Utilities Logical Data Model

Feb. 10, 2010
Teradata Corp. has introduced the Utilities Logical Data Model (uLDM).

Teradata Corp. has introduced the Utilities Logical Data Model (uLDM). As a utility's business needs evolve, the Teradata uLDM helps customer adapt their data warehouse physical model to ensure the data warehouse contains the information for complete, accurate analyses.

"Using the Teradata Utilities Logical Data Model, one large North American energy provider captured the recommended data and has already identified more than $10 million in recoverable revenue from non-recording and unread meters they detected in their distribution grid," said Teradata Corp.'s Utilities Industry Director Bryan Truex. "The consensus of customers is that purchasing the LDM saves them six to nine months of logical and physical model development time."

A logical data model captures how a company conducts its business and how the data are organized for decision-making and analysis. The Utilities LDM also highlights data integrity problems, provides comprehensive documentation of data definition and attributes, and dramatically saves time and money for utility companies starting from scratch.

The uLDM significantly reduces the time to value by providing the data foundation upon which to build a company's data warehouse. The uLDM, when combined with Teradata technology, will easily scale to accommodate the large amounts of new data such as those generated by implementing an advanced metering infrastructure, smart meters or other devices utility companies are installing for their smart grid initiatives.

The Teradata Utilities LDM provides the data foundation to drive strategic and tactical analysis from a single, integrated view of the business. Specifically, the solution provides much needed insight into an array of subject areas, including:

  • Grid Infrastructure - meter, meter reading and meter management, service points, equipment, meter reading route, and site premises.
  • Financials - service meter events, stop bill events, billing, deposit events, fraud profiles, and 360-degree view of customer financials across channels.
  • Party - customers, associates, suppliers, vendors, human capital management, payroll, personnel, training, labor distribution, and privacy.

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