Enercom Opens Energy Comparison Tool Site for Portland Utility

Nov. 21, 2006
Enercom, Inc. has implemented its online "Energy Comparison Tool" for Portland General Electric

Enercom, Inc. has implemented its online "Energy Comparison Tool" for Portland General Electric (PGE). The online tool helps customers faced with replacing their home heating and cooling systems and water heaters make the best possible decisions. The tool also supports PGE’s high efficiency heat pump program by helping customers make informed decisions regarding a heat pump purchase.

"We are thrilled to be able to offer customers this tool as part of our heat pump program," says Cheryl Carter, PGE program manager. "For many homes, an electric heat pump is the most cost-effective and energy-efficient heating and cooling choice. We’re offering a $200 rebate to encourage customers to invest in a system that will help them control energy costs for many years."

"From 6-10% of all customers replace their home heating and cooling system and water heater each year," says Paul Conlan, president and CEO of Enercom. "Customers’ choices affect their energy use, costs and satisfaction for years to come."

Enercom’s Energy Comparison Tool allows customers to quickly and easily compare their existing home heating and cooling systems or water heater with a range of new systems. They can also compare various new systems to each other. Customers can select from a variety of system types, energy sources and efficiencies. Within a minute, customers receive an estimate of each system’s annual energy use and cost, annual and monthly energy cost savings for the more efficient system as well as the simple payback period.

Enercom implemented the Energy Comparison Tool for PGE in less than two weeks. This included adding the PGE name and logo, local weather and energy cost data, custom marketing messages/links and more. Enercom also provides PGE with turnkey software hosting, maintenance, user support and online site usage reports for the Energy Comparison Tool.

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