EMC Extends Disaster Protection Capabilities for VMware Environments

May 22, 2008
EMC Corp. will offer comprehensive technology support for VMware Site Recovery Manager.

EMC Corp. will offer comprehensive technology support for VMware Site Recovery Manager. VMware Site Recovery Manager is a new product for disaster recovery management and automation. Part of VMware's suite of management and automation products for the datacenter, VMware Site Recovery Manager simplifies business continuity planning and testing, and reduces the risk and complexity associated with implementing disaster recovery.

VMware Site Recovery Manager, when deployed in conjunction with EMC's portfolio of replication software, will enable customers to rapidly bring their virtualized servers and mission critical information online at a secondary site.

After thorough testing and qualification, new storage replication adapters for EMC's replication software, including EMC SRDF (Symmetrix Remote Data Facility), EMC Celerra Replicator, EMC MirrorView and EMC RecoverPoint, will be integrated with Site Recovery Manager to ensure rapid, reliable, manageable and affordable data recovery in VMware environments.

EMC replication solutions that protect physical and virtual storage assets are widely deployed around the world and protect, replicate and ensure the availability of business-critical data and applications. An added benefit of this joint solution is the ability to automate and test EMC and VMware disaster recovery capabilities to ensure proper automated fail-over of their infrastructure. The technology integration and testing completed to ensure that EMC replication software is interoperable with VMware Site Recovery Manager is part of EMC's ongoing commitment to offer complete support for VMware environments and add greater value to mutual customers. EMC and VMWare have worked together during the VMware Site Recovery Manager development and beta programs to ensure that customers will be able to deploy VMware for Site Recovery Manager with EMC's replication software.

With EMC integration support for Site Recovery Manager, companies and organizations of all sizes can leverage their existing EMC information infrastructure investments to enable simplified automated failover and recovery capabilities for their VMware environments. Whether it is large data centers using SRDF to replicate between sites, mid-size environments being replicated via IP (internet protocol) using Celerra Replicator or MirrorView or the need for network-based array-independent replication via RecoverPoint, EMC offers customers a comprehensive range of business continuity solutions.

Customers will benefit from continued investment protection for existing infrastructure with heterogeneous support for Site Recovery Manager to implement a robust solution that ensures data integrity of their VMware virtual environments. Organizations with non-EMC network storage systems can take advantage of the RecoverPoint storage adapter, which is the only heterogeneous replication product integrated with Site Recovery Management today.

New EMC consulting and implementation services around VMware Site Recovery Manager will be available as part of the product release. EMC will also provide best practices with documented reference architectures, installation and optimization guides, and proven EMC product interoperability with other vendors' products through EMC E-Lab testing and VMware certification.

The storage adapters will be available from VMware for free to customers with a VMware Site Recovery Manager license when the product is generally available later during second quarter of 2008.

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