Saratoga Systems Launches Division to Deliver Wireless Handheld Access to Any Enterprise Data

Jan. 20, 2006
Saratoga Systems has launched its Apresta division to provide mobile access to any enterprise data

Saratoga Systems has launched its Apresta division to provide mobile access to any enterprise data. Apresta provides an end-to-end solution that delivers enterprise data to handheld devices, such as a BlackBerry or Treo, without programming.

The Apresta division was formed to meet the growing market demand for mobile enterprise data access solutions. Based on Saratoga Systems' success with Saratoga Wireless, the company decided to form the Apresta division. Formerly known as Saratoga Wireless, Apresta offers easy wireless access to a variety of enterprise systems including Saratoga CRM (customer relationship management). Apresta delivers wide connectivity since it is compatible with any type of database and connects via ODBC and Web services. Some of the back-end systems easily connect to include Siebel, SAP, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL, Remedy, Clarify, Lawson, JD Edwards, i2, Manugistics and of course, Saratoga CRM, among others.

Apresta's end-to-end solution uses a three-step connect-organize-publish data delivery model. It allows you to connect to back-end enterprise data systems, organize data using data definitions and data modeling, and then publishes the data for presentation on a handheld device. Apresta is suitable for enterprise users looking to optimize sales and service automation and extend their network infrastructure to field personnel.

Customers can create their own customized wireless reports to monitor sales activity, check inventory, and look up financial data. Using Apresta Studio, users can create a customized, end-to-end wireless data application including data flow, access security, business rules, and more without programming. Apresta even allows users to view graphics and images such as parts or, in the case of one British police force, mug shots.

Late in 2005, analysts at IDC announced they expect the mobile worker population to increase from more than 650 million worldwide in 2004, to more than 850 million in 2009, representing more than one-quarter of the global workforce. The mobile data access now enabled by Apresta addresses an already a pressing global need that will only increase steadily.

Smith adds, "Wireless e-mail access is already commonplace. The next killer wireless app will be delivery of enterprise data securely and quickly. Apresta lets you deliver custom reports to handhelds and cell phones to support this new generation of mobile workers."

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