Norway’s Statnett Receiving New Energy Management System

Aug. 12, 2010
Alstom Grid has been awarded a contract to deliver its Energy Management System (EMS) Solution to Statnett SF in Norway.

Alstom Grid has been awarded a contract to deliver its Energy Management System (EMS) Solution to Statnett SF in Norway.

The project will integrate the Statnett National Control Centre in Oslo and its three Regional Control Centers in Alta (North), Sunndalsora (Central) and Oslo (South) into a standardized and unified system architecture. This will minimize Statnett’s total cost of ownership and improve Statnett’s grid management.

The EMS solution ensures effective, efficient and secure transmission of energy from one end of the country to the other, across challenging terrain and variable weather conditions. The EMS solution will also support Statnett as it interacts with the other Nordic Transmission System Operators (TSO), in matters related to system operation and power balance.

Alstom Grid will deliver to Statnett its latest e-terra suite of Network Management products. Statnett will use the new functionalities such as a situational awareness driven User Interface, a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solution and a Common Information Model (CIM) data modeling with automatic deployment to multiple environments (development, test, real-time, planning and training). These functionalities integrate the latest industry standards (IEC CIM, CIGRE D2.24). Specific software functionalities for this project will also be integrated into Alstom Grid baseline product suite, simplifying the maintenance work, favouring future evolution and making them readily available to all Alstom Grid customers.

Once the Statnett contract is completed, Alstom Grid’s EMS will manage the electrical grid for three out of the five Nordic TSOs and 44% of the Nordic peak load, giving Alstom Grid the market lead in Scandinavia. Alstom Grid’s presence in the Nordic region began in 1999 with the first EMS project completed for Landsnet, Iceland’s TSO. In 2009, Alstom Grid delivered the new EMS solution of, the Danish TSO, supervising both electricity and gas transmission networks. Under this project, Alstom Grid developed a module to manage the 5,000 Danish wind turbines. This module is used today by other European TSOs to manage more than 3 GW of wind production. In 2009, Alstom Grid also put in service the Nordic Operation Information System (NOIS) which facilitated the sharing of mission-critical operational data among four of the five TSOs, namely (Denmark), Statnett (Norway), Svenska Kraftnät (Sweden) and Fingrid (Finland).

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