Toronto Hydro-Electric Selects N-Dimension for Cyber Security

April 10, 2007
Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited has chosen N-Dimension Solutions as a partner for its cyber security assessment activities

Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited has chosen N-Dimension Solutions as a partner for its cyber security assessment activities. N-Dimension designs, develops, and markets cyber security solutions that address the specific requirements of the power and energy industry.

“Toronto Hydro realizes that its corporate assets face a variety of threats and that Cyber Security needs to be incorporated into its strategic planning,” said Bob King, chief operating officer of Toronto Hydro-Electric. Furthermore, as a participant in the power industry, Toronto Hydro-Electric System is aware that this sector has been identified as being among the top industrial security targets. Consequently, the utility is entering this partnership to protect its corporate assets, its employee productivity, and its ability to deliver reliable services to its customers. The organization also needs to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and with industry-specific North American Electric Reliability Council standards, NERC CIP.

The partnership between Toronto Hydro-Electric System and N-Dimension will ensure that the utility’s critical systems are well protected through a holistic approach to security, as supported by security best practices and by NERC CIP. N-Dimension is working with Toronto Hydro-Electric System’s various departments to conduct a comprehensive operational risk assessment that includes a review of elements related to physical security (access to facilities), human factors (training, adherence to policies), and information technology factors (cyber security). The cyber security review will comprise eight elements: access control, vulnerability management, perimeter control, layered approach, encryption, monitoring, back-up and recovery, as well as audits and logs.

This complete review will enable N-Dimension to identify the potential problem areas and to then formulate customized, practical recommendations for a defense-in-depth approach to the protection of critical operational assets, including SCADA systems, substations, and smart meters.

The Toronto Hydro-Electric System/N-Dimension partnership will also ensure that the utility is positioned to meet new security challenges as they arise. Therefore, N-Dimension may, in the future, design implementation projects, manage those projects, and ensure the ongoing support of those solutions. Periodic re-assessments of the environment may also be conducted so that a comprehensive and integrated security plan remains in place at all times.

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