Lawson Software EAM Expands to Energy, Transportation Markets

Jan. 10, 2007
Lawson Software has teamed up with Deloitte Consulting LLP to expand the U.S. market for the Lawson Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) suite.

Lawson Software has teamed up with Deloitte Consulting LLP to expand the U.S. market for the Lawson Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) suite. The companies will be focusing specifically on the U.S. energy and transportation markets. Lawson Enterprise Asset Management delivers a comprehensive set of applications that can help asset owners, operators and third-party maintenance providers maximize the reliability and availability of a wide range of fixed and mobile assets.

Prior to Lawson’s merger with the former Intentia International AB in April 2006, the EAM suite was primarily marketed in the European and Asian markets. The merger has provided the combined company with the ability to participate more aggressively in the U.S. EAM market.

“As the new Lawson, we’re making it very clear that a top priority is to add choice to the market and pursue the opportunity to increase the penetration of the Lawson product lines in the U.S.,” said Bob Peterson, marketing director for industry markets, Lawson. “We have increased our sales and marketing resources behind a solid EAM suite that helps customers obtain a greater return on their assets and achieve reliability, availability and safety at low cost.”

The Lawson alliance with Deloitte Consulting continues a long-standing relationship between the two companies. Deloitte Consulting can help companies accelerate the EAM implementation process and, more importantly, help companies focus on generating value from their EAM programs through its experience and tools, such as the Enterprise Value Map for Lawson. The Enterprise Value Map for Lawson is designed to help companies focus on initiatives that can drive shareholder value, while identifying the Lawson applications that enable those initiatives. Additionally, by accessing the services offered by the subsidiaries of Deloitte & Touche USA LLP, Deloitte Consulting can bring additional capabilities, such as tax advisory and enterprise risk services, to help a company in its efforts to increase value.

Lawson Enterprise Asset Management provides a wide range of applications, including:

  • Asset and Component Control – Designed to assist customers in managing complex asset and component information as well as their traceability.
  • Preventive Maintenance – Designed to help customers strike a balance between maximum asset reliability and low maintenance costs, and assists in the management of areas such as statutory maintenance needs, inspections and lubrication checks.
  • Work Order Processing – Helps maximize equipment uptime and delivery performance by working with work order requests that originate from predefined services or user requirements and can be automatically released to become work orders.
  • Diagnostics Management – Enables customers to determine the most effective maintenance strategy for key assets and then automatically monitor the effectiveness of that strategy. Customers can use advanced functions such as cost of prevention versus cost-of-failure analysis.

The ARC Advisory Group expects the EAM global market to grow from $2.2 billion to $2.8 billion by 2010, according to ARC’s “EAM/CMMS Solutions Worldwide Outlook” study.

“Companies with fixed and mobile assets are facing an increasingly challenging environment with security requirements, regulatory compliance and aging assets,” said Houghton Leroy, EAM research director, ARC Advisory Group. “In the North American market, companies expect increased support and customer service. The Lawson and Deloitte alliance in the U.S. can help deliver the consulting and product expertise required to meet those expectations.”

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