European Utility Principal Conges Selects Asset Management Platform

Nov. 9, 2011
Conges Consulting has selected ITTIA DB SQL for its asset management platform, MenVadis.

Conges Consulting in Germany has selected ITTIA DB SQL for its flagship asset management platform, MenVadis.

MenVadis is an enterprise software system for utility and energy companies to efficiently manage assets and reduce cost. The system provides a modern, efficient enterprise asset management system that benefits from mobility. Conges mobile solutions enable field engineers working for regional energy and water providers to capture orders, measure consumption, and monitor assets using smartphones or tablets.

ITTIA DB SQL is a lightweight embedded software library that is designed to function within one or more devices. ITTIA DB SQL protects critica l data in case of a sudden power failure and includes both SQL queries and low-level functions for accessing data without SQL.

Applications from Conges help utility companies to cut costs through greater operational efficiency and improved customer satisfaction. The MenVadis mobile data platform, embedded with ITTIA DB SQL, is periodically synchronized with the back-end RDBMS. In this way, data is made available to network planners so they can analyze their real time data and provide up-to-date information for client service teams.

Support for concurrent shared access in ITTIA DB makes this process a snap, allowing the application to safely access the database during synchronization. Background threads can safely access the database, and row-level locking ensures that access is optimized, whether on or off the device.

The Conges solution, embedded with ITTIA DB, now guarantees rapid, automatic, bidirectional rules-based data synchronization between field engineers and back office personnel. This solution offers utility companies the ability to greatly eliminate risk of transmission failure or communication delays, provide security for customers' business-critical data, build scalable solutions to support growing number of users and, most importantly, reduce cost.

Founded in 2001, Conges Consulting offers solution for water and power suppliers in St.Wendel, Germany with its state of art MenVadis. Conges Consulting has innovative solutions to various problems with its software solution that streamlines business processes and offers cost accounting.

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