MicroStation V8 XM Edition Released

June 7, 2006
At a gathering of more than 2000 attendees at the BE Conference, Bentley Systems, Incorporated released the commercial version of MicroStation V8 XM Edition

Bentley Systems, Incorporated has released the commercial version of MicroStation V8 XM Edition.

Organizations will find the transition easy. An intuitive new interface places powerful new features within easy reach of the user and an unchanged DGN file format and full support for existing V8 standards allow projects to proceed uninterrupted.

Its upgrades include:

-- Reference Enhancements: The ability to attach a PDF reference to a design file, dynamically manipulate reference clipping boundaries with handles, and attach multiple instances of the same model at different stages of development using Design History.

-- Element Templates: Integrate CAD standards with MicroStation Tasks to align features and tools with design and production workflows, so that teams can create consistent work.

-- ProjectWise StartPoint: Built-in technology providing an entry-level collaboration tool to manage, find, and share CAD and geospatial content using Microsoft Office SharePoint technologies.

-- Link Sets: For managing and navigating relationships of content within files such as drawings and specification documents and across formats including DGN, DWG, PDF, and Office formats.

-- DirectX Graphics System: A new display subsystem leveraging Microsoft DirectX technologies - the same high-speed graphics technology that drives the video gaming industry to significantly increase view and navigation speed in 2D and 3D designs.

-- Element Transparency and Display Priority: Advance MicroStation's design, drafting, mapping, and visualization capabilities.

-- PANTONE and RAL Color Systems: 24-bit color support deliver richer, more consistent presentations.

-- Keyboard Position Assignments: Patented keyboard position assignment to provide immediate access to any MicroStation command at the stroke of a key, and programmable mouse functionality to increase the performance of view and model navigation.

-- 3D Modeling Advancements: Creation of parametric 3D geometry, mesh modeling for creating lightweight structures, and new handles for intuitive and interactive editing .

-- Visualization and Animation: Improved visualization capabilities for photo-realistic rendering and new animation tools.

-- Microsoft Designed for XP Logo Compliance: New installers now ease the process of implementation and SELECT updates are structured to reduce the overhead of administration.

MicroStation V8 XM Edition is a part of the V8 Generation, which already features the following innovations:

-- Native DWG Support: Enables MicroStation users to work directly with DWG files, DGN files, or any combination of the two. Only MicroStation users fully participate in and deliver projects in either popular format.

-- Digital Security: Applies electronic signatures to drawings and supports multi-level access privileges for projects.

-- Design History: Gives users the ability to isolate and view any change or set of changes to a design. Using Design History, users can record, review, and restore a complete history of modifications, including all data and references.

MicroStation V8 XM Edition is now available to all Bentley SELECT subscribers for immediate download from SELECT Services Online.

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