Ecologic Analytics Demonstrates Ability to Process Two Billion Meter Reads in 11 Hours

July 25, 2012
Ecologic Analytics has completed a Meter Data Management (MDM) system performance benchmark test.

Ecologic Analytics has completed a Meter Data Management (MDM) system performance benchmark test. The test executed daily meter-to-cash processing for 10 million smart meters each providing dual-channel 15-minute interval reads. All processing for the daily quantity of two billion meter reads was completed in 11 hours.

The test was built and executed to represent real-world, daily meter-to-cash processing in a steady-state, fully deployed smart metering environment. To mirror production validation and data analytical operations, the test environment was pre-loaded with 10 million smart meters and 13 months of historical daily reads. Daily meter-to-cash processing included adding 10,000 new smart meters, the consumption of 2 billion register and interval meter reads provided in IEC-CIM 61968 Part 9 compliant format, Validation Editing and Estimation (VEE) processing of all 2 billion meter reads received for the day followed by creation of daily billing determinants. Sustained operational characteristics were evaluated over a seven-consecutive daily meter-to-cash processing cycle, which yielded consistent total runtimes of 11 hours with interval meter read consumption rates of 82,000 per second and VEE processing rates of 200,000 meter reads per second.

Ecologic Analytics completed this benchmark test to illustrate how an optimized infrastructure can effectively and efficiently address the challenges of managing smart meter data at scale. Key components of this infrastructure include Ecologic Analytics’ meter data management system and EMC’s VNX 7500 with Fully Automated Storage Tiering – Virtual Pools (FAST VP).

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