APOGEE Interactive Releases Engaging New HomeEnergySuite

May 11, 2006
APOGEE Interactive Inc. announces a new online HomeEnergySuite (HES) for electric utility websites nationwide.

APOGEE Interactive Inc. announces a new online HomeEnergySuite (HES) for electric utility websites nationwide. Facilitating customer self-service at the website, the HES blends multiple interactive online applications into one energy center, offering everything homeowners need to evaluate their home's energy use and ways to save.

Entry into the suite begins with an intriguing new InteractiveEnergyHome, a graphically rich cutaway that serves as the gateway to a complete library of useful information and analysis capability. As visitors mouse-over a room, it pops to life, enlarging to simulate the experience of entering the room. Once there, visitors can look around, learn about the energy-using equipment located there and run energy-use calculations on the room's appliances.

The InteractiveEnergyHome quickly engages customers and the suite's core application -- the HomeEnergyCalculator -- keeps customers online, learning more about their home's energy use and opportunities to save. The redesigned calculator retains the best of Apogee's time-honored calculator that consistently results in an industry-best 68% completion rate for online energy calculators and that garners an average of three energy use scenarios per user.

Other features that provide visitors with enormous value include MonthlyInsights and BillingInsights. Remarkably accurate given it does not use the customer's actual billing information, MonthlyInsights graphically presents the customer's 12-month energy-use history by end-use system which makes it easy to see the impact of weather on energy bills. When billing history can be integrated, BillingInsights provides pinpoint accuracy and prompts customers or call center representatives of possible upgrades with IntelligentScripting, APOGEE's proprietary artificial intelligence system that recognizes patterns in the data.

The comprehensive HES also includes multiple lighting and appliance calculators, providing detailed investigations and answers that link back to the whole house, HomeEnergyCalculator; Kids Korner, an energy education and safety information section for "kids of all ages;" the residential Energy Library for quick reference; and a Fundamentals of Electricity primer covering everything about electricity from A to Z.

"Everyone wins when customers self-service on the website," said Susan Gilbert, president of APOGEE Interactive. "Customers like the flexibility, utilities gain efficiencies, and both parties benefit from reduced costs. APOGEE's experience providing thousands of online applications to hundreds of utilities has taught us the key to enlisting customers to self-service is captivating attention, then providing value. This new suite, the result of a substantial development effort, is exceeding all expectations of delivering on that need."

APOGEE will conduct introductory Webinars to demonstrate the new HomeEnergySuite to interested utilities May 24 and 25. Registration is available online at www.apogee.net/events.

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