Pepco Holdings to Use SAP Inventory Management RF System for Storeroom

Oct. 11, 2007
PEAK Technologies has been selected to provide an SAP Inventory Management RF solution for the Pepco Holdings, Inc.

PEAK Technologies has been selected to provide an SAP Inventory Management RF solution for the Pepco Holdings, Inc. Benning Service Center in Washington, D.C.

Pepco Holdings, Inc. is an energy delivery company serving about 1.9 million customers in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia. PEAK will design, configure and implement an RF Auto ID system using SAPConsole for real-time data capture and management of goods receipt, goods issue and inventory tracking at the Benning Service Center storeroom.

As a single-source provider of real-time information integration solutions for SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) applications, PEAK will provide a complete range of professional services and RF system components to transition the storeroom operations into true real-time information integration and control. From conducting a comprehensive wireless site survey and design of the project blueprint, through terminal and wireless infrastructure implementation, RF transaction testing, on-site installation, integration and training support, PEAK will be responsible for delivering all the services needed to ensure a successful go-live project.

“We’re pleased and excited that Pepco Holdings, Inc. has selected PEAK Technologies as the single-source provider for this important SAP inventory management application,” said Ross Young, president and CEO of PEAK Technologies. “Our experience designing and implementing RF data capture solutions allows us to help Pepco achieve its critical goals: real-time inventory data visibility, more accurate data capture and significantly improved storeroom operations and inventory management.”

Before this project, much of Pepco’s transactions were recorded on paper and the inventory items were hand-labeled. The project will automate the data capture process, and use RF barcode technology to improve the flow, accuracy and visibility of the storeroom’s inventory into the company’s existing SAP Inventory Management (IM) module.

The new RF system’s seamless integration with SAP IM will make it possible for Pepco Holdings, Inc. to know exactly what storeroom items are available at any instant, so it can manage inventory levels more efficiently. The new solution will let storeroom personnel place items in inventory much faster, and make it easier to locate requested parts and deliver them to maintenance and construction field crews.

The storeroom application will deploy RF terminals, ruggedized for simultaneous indoor/outdoor use, to support three main functions:

  • Goods receipt – receiving of new inventory and generation of bar code labels for stock;
  • Goods issue – barcode-driven tracking of parts or items as they are distributed;
  • Inventory tracking – barcode-driven tracking for material inventory counts.

To transition to the new platform, PEAK will provide the following services:

  • Site survey for optimal positioning of RF transceivers
  • Detailed blueprint of RF business and SAPConsole application processes
  • Advanced RF Security review and determination of optimum RF infrastructure security levels
  • RF hardware recommendations and acquisition
  • SAPConsole transaction development & configuration
  • RF Hardware and system installation and integration
  • Barcode printer and label configuration
  • On-site integration, testing and user training

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