Cooper Power Systems Signs Exclusive License Agreement for Sensus Advanced Metering Technology

Aug. 9, 2006
Cooper Power Systems has signed an exclusive license agreement with Sensus Metering Systems

Cooper Power Systems has signed an exclusive license agreement with Sensus Metering Systems. Under the terms of the agreement, Cooper Power Systems plans to integrate Sensus Metering Systems' FlexNet advanced communications technology into its products to help electric utilities improve productivity, enhance reliability and reduce the cost of delivering power. The multi-year license provides Cooper Power Systems with capabilities to use, market and sell the FlexNet Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) radio communications technologies for transmission and distribution applications.

To better manage operations, utilities are looking to remotely access an increasing variety of equipment on the power system. FlexNet AMI offers a number of advantages for large-scale remote data access, including lower communications costs from its existing nationwide infrastructure, high reliability through its redundant communications channels and the ability to directly feed collected information back to the utility's IT system.

"FlexNet enhances our best-in-class products with customer-focused technology, and enables new product and solution development that will help electric utilities maximize performance," said Michael A. Stoessl, group president, Cooper Power Systems.

"Integrated with our equipment, FlexNet AMI provides control, integration and automation features that are ideally suited to the growing needs of the electric utility market. Our agreement with Sensus is the first in a series of technology investments we plan to make that will broaden the range of capabilities we provide our customers."

Sensus' FlexNet AMI is a unique, nationwide, redundant wide-area network designed for interference-free, two-way interval data communication that is suitable for metering infrastructure, load control and other distributed electric power system applications. FlexNet AMI operates on 900 MHz FCC-licensed exclusive-use frequencies, providing customers with exceptionally long ranges of five to 15 miles.

"We designed the FlexNet AMI system with the flexibility to monitor and control all aspects of an electrical distribution system," said Sensus Chief Executive Officer and President Dan Harness. "By integrating FlexNet AMI into its products, Cooper Power Systems can take advantage of radio technology to deliver the enhanced monitoring and control solutions that are important to its electric utility customers."

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