SmartGridCIS Announces Prepay and TOU Deployment Option

Nov. 22, 2010
Quick and Affordable Prepay and TOU Deployment Option Supports Pilots for Smaller Cooperatives, Municipalities and SGIG Awarded Utilities .

SmartGridCIS has launched SmartGridCIS Express, one of three deployment options offered by the company. Express is a turnkey, stand-alone solution that provides prepaid utility services and time-of-use capability in a quick, efficient implementation alternative to expensive and lengthy traditional implementation options. SmartGridCIS Express rapidly unlocks consumer benefits for utility customers.

“SmartGridCIS Express is explicitly designed to enable integration and customer access to the expanding smart grid infrastructure through a rapidly deployable, low operational and implementation risk project, at a very attractive price point,” states Fernando de Aguero, Executive Chairman and CEO for SmartGridCIS. He adds, “Specifically SGIG awardees, other pilot programs, smaller cooperative and municipalities can now test pre-paid utility service, time-of-use, multiple rate structures, smart meters and smart grid technologies quickly and inexpensively.”

The SmartGridCIS Express program is simple. It includes a rapid deployment (four to six weeks) of a robust, out-of-the-box solution for managing pre-pay billing, accounting and CIS, including time-of-use and dynamic pricing. The out-of-the-box solution is an enablement tool for utilities and includes the following:

  • TOU Billing including On-Peak, Off-Peak, Critical Peak and Dynamic Pricing
  • Customer Care & Billing
  • Customer Communications including marketing campaign management
  • Meter Inventory/Tracking
  • 24/7 Real-time Integrated Voice Response (IVR)
  • Payment Processing, with prebuilt payment gateways to J.P. Morgan Chase Paymentech™ and MoneyGram®
  • Consumer facing web portal for direct access to smart meter information and account balances

In addition to broad functionality, SmartGridCIS also provides call center services for prepaid utility service to further enhance the Express solution.

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