Switches Offer Gigabit Fiber Connectivity for Industrial Networks

Dec. 12, 2007
GarrettCom, Inc. has added Gigabit support to its Magnum line of converter switches with the release of the industrial-grade CSG14 models.

GarrettCom, Inc., has added Gigabit support to its Magnum line of converter switches with the release of the industrial-grade CSG14 models. The CSG14 allows industrial installations with multi-mode fiber to achieve 2000-meter Gigabit (Gb) connectivity, otherwise only available when using single-mode fiber cable.

"While telcos and some other industries deployed the more expensive long-distance single-mode fiber cabling early on, most industrial applications have installed medium-distance 2km multi-mode fiber cable for 10/100 Ethernet. Now, when considering upgrading to the 1 Gb higher speed infrastructure, users have been blocked because the cable distance equation changed. The multi-mode standard cuts the Gb SX transmission distance from 2000 to only 550 meters," said Frank Madren, GarrettCom president.

By using CSG14 Extended SX converter switches on both ends of a multi-mode connection, it is possible to upgrade multi-mode fiber to Gb and still maintain existing fiber cable transmission distances of up to 2000 meters.

"With increasing amounts of monitoring and control data, including video streaming and security database access being sent across networks, bandwidth consumption in industrial applications is growing exponentially. The CSG14 provides a viable way for industrial installations with multi-mode fiber to upgrade rather than having to go to the expense of rewiring with single-mode fiber cable," Madren said.

The CSG14 is a high-speed flexible edge-of-the-network industrial Ethernet media converter and switch combination that includes a two-port 10/100/1000 copper switch and a Gb fiber port that can be configured to support any multi-mode or single-mode Gb fiber connector type. The Magnum CSG14 products come in three models: hardened for factory floors, premium-rated to withstand outdoor temperature extremes and Power Source PoE for premium-rated outdoor applications that require both power and data on the same wire, such as video surveillance cameras.

Buyers can specify DC or AC input power and any of a variety of metal case and configuration choices. CSG14s with conformal coating can be installed anywhere from highly corrosive environments in the oil and gas industry to demanding power utility substations to indoor and outdoor facilities supporting manufacturing, mining and transportation. Hardware is available for panel- or rack-mount installation.

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