Endesa Implements eglue’s Customer Interaction Solution

July 9, 2008
Endesa, Spain’s leading utility, has deployed eglue InterAct Suite for its call center operations that support more than 11 million customers.

Endesa, Spain’s leading utility, has deployed eglue InterAct Suite for its call center operations which support more than 11 million customers. eglue InterAct Suite helped Endesa cut the number of errors made by call center employees, which resulted in an estimated 25 percent reduction in expenses. Additionally, the solution will reduce Average Hold Time (AHT) by five percent, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

eglue InterAct Suite also improved agent relations for Endesa. The time required for initial training will be reduced by 30 percent. Call center employees were empowered with the necessary tools, which automatically provided them with the most up-to-date information and ensured that every interaction is completed without additional follow-up. This resulted in call center employees giving InterAct Suite a 100 percent employee satisfaction rating in a recent survey.

“The positive response from our agents was amazing,” said Manuel Palomino of Endesa. “We consistently heard from the agents that InterAct Suite facilitates their work and significantly reduces the numbers of errors. Agents are able to simultaneously incorporate both business and operational objectives into each customer interaction. This also leads to significant bottom line results and happier customers.”

eglue partnered with IZO System, a company in solutions implementation and measurement systems for improving the Customer Relations Services in Spain, Brazil, Mexico and Portugal. IZO System was the system integrator responsible for implementing this project.

“eglue InterAct Suite delivers extremely impressive productivity and efficiency improvements as well as expense reduction,” said Juan Carlos Fouz of IZO System. “This joint solution demonstrated a strong proof of concept. We see great value for customers in Europe and Latin America, and look forward to our mutual continued success.”

With this solution, Endesa intends to immediately meet its operational objectives, such as improving contact center efficiency, customer quality, and agent training while reducing expenses. Upon implementing InterAct Suite, Endesa created succinct and homogenous call criteria for all agents, providing security and confidence to complete each call in a timely, efficient manner.

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