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Apogee Digital Engagement Platform Personalizes Utility Customer Communications

Personalized messaging to leapfrog conventional ways utilities connect with customers can significantly increase customer satisfaction

Atlanta-based Apogee Interactive, Inc. recently launched Envoy, an outbound communications platform for utility customer communications. The solution includes personalized energy bill analysis videos, mid-cycle and threshold alerts, email messaging, and periodic energy summary reports, in support of end-to-end digital engagement strategies.

Findings from pilot programs studied over the last several years include increased customer satisfaction and program participation. Apogee’s outbound messaging is achieving click through rates more than 30 times the industry average.

One large investor-owned utility analyzed the effectiveness of energy summary reports with a control group of 40,000 participants. This group saw a 16% increase in customer satisfaction with no negative impact.

More information is available at this link.

#741 - DI - Apogee - V2 from Apogee Interactive on Vimeo.

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