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Trunked Digital Mobile Radio Allows Combined Voice and Data

Tait Communications trunked DMR Tier 3 network provides a platform for utility companies considering a combined voice and data network that can deliver a real-time mission critical grade of service.

Tait Architectural Design Engineer Brent Williams said that the channel-doubling capacity of DMR’s two-slot TDMA technology, combined with the resource-management facilities of trunking, provide a strong argument for DMR Tier 3 to be the platform of choice for voice and data networking for utilities companies.

“A trunked DMR Tier 3 solution provides call management and network resource optimization without human intervention, centralized configuration of users for more efficient network management, extensive status and capacity reporting and network visibility so you can optimize your network, adding or moving network capacity as needs change.”

Williams added that DMR Tier 3’s strength is its reliable delivery of mission-critical voice and SCADA over a common network, with each receiving its guaranteed quality of service.

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