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Tendril and Lockheed Martin Collaborate to Deliver Integrated Demand Response Solutions

Tendril and Lockheed Martin will be working to integrate Lockheed Martin's SEEload Demand Response Management solution with Tendril's energy management platform. The integrated solution provides a comprehensive demand-side management solution that gives consumers greater control over their energy consumption and enables utilities to deploy comprehensive, secure and standards-based demand response (DR) programs.

The integration enables utilities to deploy Open ADR-based (automated demand response) programs across their residential, commercial and industrial customers. Demand response is increasingly viewed as an essential way to meet growing demand, comply with peak load and emissions reduction targets, and help customers control energy costs.

The Smart Energy Enterprise Suite, or SEEsuite Smart Grid Command and Control applications gives utilities and system operators insight into enterprise operations and control of their smart grid assets. SEEsuite applications include SEEload for Demand Response Management, SEEgrid for Smart Grid Situational Awareness and SEEgrid for Integrated Resource Management. SEEload provides complete DR life cycle management to help utilities define, implement and manage demand response programs. SEEload's flexible load management capabilities gives utilities precise control across their distribution networks and its powerful event analytics enables utilities to accurately model the impact of DR events.

The Tendril platform helps energy service providers gain insight and control over their energy load by using products and applications that communicate directly with a Utility's existing infrastructure, and subsequently provide customers with the information they need to make good energy management choices day to day. The platform also allows the utility to monitor their customers' consumption and better manage loads to avoid major service interruptions.

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